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Palestinians to hold legislative polls in may abbasi (Majmu'a) in order to choose a leader who is seen to be a loyal, pro-Israeli representative for Palestinians. That would be the party of Abbas. This appears to be a political calculation driven by the Netanyahu government's efforts to cement its grip on power, which have led it to be seen as the preferred political representative of the Jewish majority. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in particular, may be a factor here. Israel may be seeking to shift its foreign policy in the region in order to achieve a more favorable domestic situation in the upcoming elections. According to former MK of the Labor party, Yossi Ben-Ami, who was involved in negotiations between Israel and Egypt, Egypt's role in these negotiations was "precisely the intention of to put Hamas at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Ben-Ami added that this is how Hamas is seen: "You can see the influence Hamas will have in the elections." According to Ben-Ami, in recent years, Netanyahu has played a key role in "trying to legitimize Hamas." Keep updated: Sign up to our newsletter Email * Please enter a valid email address Sign up Please wait… Thank you for signing up. We've got more newsletters we think you'll find interesting. Click here Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later. Try again Thank you, The email address you have provided is already registered. Close In addition to taking positions on Israeli-Palestinian affairs, Abbas and Hamas also share interests and views, especially on the issue of security in the territories. There is evidence that Hamas has close relations with the PLO in Ramallah. Hamas officials have visited the PLO several times, including to the party's weekly conference, Al-Balaam al-Ta'aleem. Hamas' relationship with Hamas is in dispute, according to some scholars. For one thing, Hamas views Hamas as an enemy not only because of its links to Islamic State, but also because of its relation


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